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The tattoo studio is modern, very well equipped and utilises a seperate sterilisation room.

Hygiene is foremost and an inspection of the tattoo studio and sterilisation room is welcomed.

Tattoo Studio
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Tattoo Studio:

We use Hospital grade sterilisation equipment, our premises are health regulated, and our staff are all trained in first aid.

Because our studio is separate and can be discreetly closed off from the rest of the premises, you can be sure that whatever the nature of the work to be carried out it can be done in the uppermost of privacy.

Sterilisation Room:

A seperate sterilisation room is utilised in order to sterilise all instruments. This also reduces the amount of clutter within the studio, providing a spacious environment for your tattoo to be performed.

The sterilisation process is taken very seriously at Skin Fantasy.

A state of the art vacuum autoclave is used to sterilise all non disposable tools, machine tubes, grips etc.
Sterilisation Room
Sterilisation room images

Tattoo needle assemblies are autoclaved prior to use and are NOT reused.

All instruments are individually packaged before sterilisation. Only a vacuum autoclave can sterilise wrapped instruments. Once packaged and autoclaved they remain sterile for up to one month.

Prior to being placed in an autoclave the non disposable instruments are soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant then rinsed and placed in an 'Ultra-sonic' cleaner for 30mins to remove any stubborn matter and then rinsed again. The instruments are then dried and placed in sterilisation pouches before being placed in the autoclave.

Skin Fantasy

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